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IOS 15 Bugs – No Noise Cancellation & Can’t Turn Off Read Receipts


Apple has been known for their software experience. They also always brag about how IOS is so secure and a finished product. Yet, Bugs, Glitches, and hackers find their way into the system somehow. Today, we have discovered another bug in the latest IOS 15 that has removed the option for Noise Cancellation and also you can’t turn off read receipts. Here is everything about the IOS 15 Bugs.

Apple IOS 15

IOS is the software that iPhones use. Apple takes real pride in their software, especially IOS. They, countless times talk about how the software is so secure, or how the software experience of the iPhone is just flawless. Well, the truth is, it isn’t. While there is nothing wrong with some marketing to promote your product, Apple should pay a little more attention to making their claims true.

IOS 15 Bugs – SMS

The SMS bug where you can’t turn off read receipts on your brand new $1000 iPhone 13 is kinda annoying. The bug as shared by MacWorld is a malfunction that continues to display read receipts after the option has been deactivated.

For those who don’t know, the messenger app in IOS displays a little “read” in the corner when your message has been seen by the other user. Much like when WhatsApp shows that little blue tick. However, you can’t turn them off thanks to a bug. While it is fairly simple to turn them off by going into settings, this bug or glitch won’t let that happen.

According to MacWorld, this intermittent problem has already appeared several times on previous versions of iOS, such as iOS 14 or iOS 13.


Well, there is no permanent solution. Even though restarting the phone does help, it’s only a temporary solution.

IOS 15 Bugs – Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation is a feature that eliminates background noise while you are on a call. This feature works perfectly on all iPhones, up to the iPhone 12. For the latest iPhone 13 however, it is glitched. On most of the iPhone 13 phones, a bug has disabled the option and it won’t work. Even the option has disappeared.

According to reports by GizChina, A user who was facing this problem even went to the Apple Store. He spoke to a “Genius” Bar employee, who, it turned out, was not even aware of the whole thing. He then contacted Apple Support, who said Apple engineers were working on a solution.

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