Should you buy Samsung Galaxy S21 FE? Top Galaxy S21 FE Alternatives!

Ever since Samsung launched the Samsung S20 Fan Edition smartphone, the market has been waiting for the follow-up. The S20 FE blew up and ended up becoming very successful. It even received awards from YouTubers like MKBHD. So after multiple cancellations, Samsung is here with the S21 FE but it does not seem like the banger everyone was waiting for. However, here is everything you may want to know about the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, and also if you should buy the phone at all or go for some alternatives. Below you will find the best Samsung Galaxy S21 FE alternatives that you should buy.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Overview

The FE is now Samsung’s way of doing what Apple does with the “SE” iPhones. They use a little older parts, remove some extra features and bring the phone to a reasonable price. This time with the S21 FE there is no difference.

Top S21 FE Alternatives

Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition) Specifications

The Samsung S21 FE comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, 8/12 GB of ram, and up to 256GB of internal storage. There is a beautiful display measuring 6.1″ with small bezels, a little chin, and a centered hole-punch notch for the selfie camera. The display is AMOLED with a 120Hz Refresh Rate. Under the display, we also see an Optical Fingerprint Scanner.

S21 FE Camera

Now, coming to the back of the device we see a triple camera setup. We see a 12MP primary, another 12MP ultra-wide, and lastly an 8MP telephoto lens. The one camera at the front is a 32MP sensor. All the rear-facing cameras are capable of doing 4K video.

Galaxy S21 FE Design & Build Quality

The S21 FE looks just like the Samsung S21, except for its plastic. The sides are metal, but the back is plastic. Even the camera bump unlike the S21 series is not molded with the sides but is a separate piece sitting on top made of plastic.

Does Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Justify Its Price?

The Samsung S21 FE starts at $699 (PKR 125K). Now should you go for the S21 FE just because of Samsung? I will suggest otherwise. The S22 series is also right around the corner and there are many more alternatives to the device right now. So if you agree and the S21 FE isn’t for you, here are some Galaxy S21 FE alternatives.

Top Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Alternatives

Here are the top Samsung Galaxy S21 FE alternatives you can buy right now.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Should you buy Samsung Galaxy S21 FE? Top S21 FE Alternatives

The Samsung Galaxy S21 needs no introduction. Think of it as the S21 FE just a little bit more premium. The specs are almost the same with the Snapdragon 888, both get great displays. But here you will get a more premium body and more features. The S21 is already a lot cheaper, but when the S22 series launches in a couple of months. You will see the S21 get massive discounts, then you can coupe one for yourself for if not less than around the same price as the S21 FE.

iPhone 12

Top S21 FE Alternatives

The vanilla iPhone 12 is another option in this range if you want some great performance and a camera. The A15 Bionic won’t let you down anytime soon. You get premium quality, a great camera, plus all of the other features. Not to forget the long support of software updates.

Google Pixel 6

Top S21 FE Alternatives

The Google Pixel 6 is a good phone. With the new design, still great camera, the silicon TENSOR chipset. It is indeed a really good package. Going for Google will get you the stock android, a slightly better camera, a better build and feel, plus all the software updates.

OnePlus 9

Top S21 FE Alternatives

The OnePlus 9 falls at around the same range as the S21 FE. But going for the OnePlus will once again get you a better camera, a better build quality, and more features. It will be counted as the premium and top-of-the-line device instead of some budget option.

There you have it; the best/top Samsung Galaxy S21 FE alternatives. Do you think we missed any? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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