Why iPhone SE 3 Is Bound To Succeed!

iPhone SE 3 is expected to launch around March 2022. The second-generation SE came with the same design as iPhone 8. But, still managed to be successful courtesy of the A13 chip and the $399 price tag. The price to performance ratio was so good with the 2020 iPhone SE. Now, the time has come for its successor to launch.

Design and Expected Specifications

The third-gen SE will have the same design as the last one. Same bezels on the front, Touch ID in the home button, single camera at the back, and 4.7″ LCD. However, the changes will take place internally. A15 Bionic SoC will be the main selling point of the budget iPhone. 5G will be the second biggest upgrade. However, an upgrade in the camera sensor is not likely.

Why It Will Still Succeed!

You might be thinking how lame is Apple. With the same 7-year-old design, who would buy that, right? But, in my opinion, SE 3 will still be a huge success. The major reason for that is the price. The expected $399 price tag is the major reason for the SE’s success. People will get a new iPhone at just $399 with 5G and the latest processor from Apple. That is enough, for people thinking to get an iPhone, to get an SE. The Apple Ecosystem is so seamless and cohesive. People can buy 3 Apple products instead of just an iPhone. Just because of the SE. Instead of buying a 13 Pro Max and ending up broke, one can buy the SE and also an Apple Watch and AirPods as well. This is the major reason why Apple is making the SE 3.

With the latest processor, it will have improved computational photography, the same performance, and improved battery life. Hence, anyone who wants a taste of Apple will prefer getting into the whole ecosystem rather than buying only a phone. Because the main reason for buying an iPhone is not just getting a great flagship phone. That is not what Apple wants you to do. They have created such an ecosystem of products, that a person having an iPhone is automatically enticed to buy other Apple products and services. Each product links with the other so seamlessly, an iPhone owner can’t resist the urge to buy other products as well. Therefore, a $399 iPhone with the latest processor and all the modern-day basics covered such as 5G and good battery life makes great sense.

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