Tesla Noise Cancellation Feature – Cabin Noise Reduction Update

We have all heard about noise cancellation. It is a feature where an earbud intelligently cancels the outside noise. This feature has been seen in lots of earbuds. But it was never seen before in a car. Tesla has introduced a new Tesla Noise Cancellation Feature via a software update to reduce cabin noise.

Tesla Noise Cancellation

Tesla has launched a new feature. This is only supported on Tesla’s new flagship models Model S and Model X. This is because this function requires corresponding hardware. Active noise-cancelling microphones are installed on the front seats of the above two models. Currently, Model 3 and Model Y do not have this kind of hardware. This new feature enables the driver or the passengers of the car to make their cabin more quiet than normal. Tesla introduces this feature with this message.
“Your vehicle is now capable of actively reducing low-frequency road noise when driving on rough roads”

Tesla Cabin Noise

While this mode is enabled, the vehicle uses multiple microphones and speakers to intelligently cancel out some of the outside noise. This is a really great feature to see in a car, especially for those people who are sensitive to noise.  However, this mode will not completely filter out every noise on the road which can be dangerous, but instead, it will cancel out the high pitch sounds. It will make driving on bumpy roads a lot quiet and the annoying noises will be cancelled.

For the Tesla owners who want to activate this feature, here is how to do it:
To enable this feature, tap Audio Settings> Options> Active Road Noise Reduction.

Right now the feature is in its early stages and does not seem to make quite a big difference. It is expected that the feature will be improved over time through updates.

So, what do you guys think of the Tesla Noise Cancellation feature? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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