OnePlus Pushes Stable Oxygen OS 12 Update: Fans Are Disappointed!

OnePlus was loved by tech enthusiasts all over the world. Their phones were used and recommended by almost all enthusiasts. The main reason for their success was their software. They offered the cleanest skin in Android with no bloatware and excessive theming. Oxygen OS was the closest to stock Android with just the right amount of customizations. One could do so much with it, still without installing any third-party launcher. This has changed after the Oxygen OS 12 update.

Start Of The Downfall

With the recent integration with OPPO, OnePlus has lost its charm. We were not that bothered by the integration at first. As the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau assured that consumers won’t even notice the change. All of the integration will be behind the scenes and the core OnePlus experience will not be hindered. That didn’t stand true. When OnePlus Nord 2 was launched with the integrated software, the loyal fans felt a bit cheated. Different elements of the UI were taken directly from Color OS. But, it was still acceptable as there were still no bloatware and ads. The experience was still fast and smooth.

The Breaking Point

OnePlus then announced its further integration with OPPO. They announced the launch of a Unified OS starting with the OnePlus 10 series. I being a OnePlus fan was excited about it. What could go wrong even if they merged the software with OPPO but still offer that fast and smooth experience without bloatware, bugs, and ads.

But, there is no hope left after their stable rollout of Oxygen OS 12 on their flagship 9 series. OnePlus no longer offers the fast and smooth experience they were known for. Various OnePlus 9 Series users have reported several bugs. Such as troublemaking and receiving calls, poor animations, broken Autofill feature, slower Wi-Fi speed, and so on. On top of that, the customizations we loved are also no more. One can no longer change icons individually, can’t customize the status bar, can’t disable the Google Feed, can’t turn off the battery icon, and so on. The call recording app and the Advanced Reboot feature are also missing.

What’s Next For OnePlus

Being a OnePlus 8 user still, I am now thinking of saying goodbye to OnePlus. After the recent update on the 9 series, there is no hope left about the Unified OS. Some other Twitter users have also complained about the recent update:

It’s one of the worst stable updates oneplus has ever rolled, so many bugs, the biggest among them is if you dont have the phone app on the home screen before the update, you physically cannot find the app anywhere in the phone (Not even in the app manager) You have to always open it from the Play store. The Icon field in personalization crashes, you cannot open google feed most of the time, all the permissions are reset, and the recents menu is among the worst you can see in a phone. Its glitchy, its not worth it. — Amankirti Walde (Am4nk)

I’m not happy at all. Recent task manager cant close all apps, as the last app still remains on the screen after pressing close all button in task manager. Whatsapp parallel isnt able to log on web. No call recording app. Miss the old phone and contacts app. —mkhan8426

The original OnePlus that you and I loved is sadly no more. OnePlus fans are disappointed all over the globe. Nobody knows whether they will still operate as in independent brand or an OPPO sub-brand.

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