Instagram Helps Teens Find Drugs?! Reports Claim

Something which I don’t know if anyone was expecting has popped up. The biggest social media app, Instagram helps teens find drugs? It is such a bold claim, but don’t worry, we will boil it until everything is clear.

Instagram helps Teens Find Drugs?

According to reports by TTP, the social media giant company has been helping underage teens find illegal material and drugs. According to them, Instagram allows teen users as young as 13 to find potentially deadly drugs for sale in just two clicks. And they say the claim isn’t just a shallow sentence as there are multiple tests to prove that.

Instagram helps teens find drugs

People over at TTP made various fake Instagram accounts for teens ranging from 13 to 17 years and used them to test teen access to controlled substances on the platform. Not only do the accounts have no issue searching for illegal substances but in several scenarios, Instagram even auto-completes the searches. In just a few minutes those accounts were connected to people who deal with illegal substances online. In one case, the platform auto-filled results when a user started typing “buyxanax” into the search bar. One suggested account was a Xanax dealer. Furthermore, the account easily had a chat receiving the menu and prices of various substances. Of equal importance is the fact that Instagram’s protection algorithms aren’t working properly and even then they are easily allowing teenagers to make accounts and search for this sort of stuff. Not only that, but they were quite literally helped by auto-complete.

Instagram helps teens find drugs

Stephanie Otway, (spokesperson for Meta), said, “We’ll continue to improve in this area in our ongoing efforts to keep Instagram safe, particularly for our youngest community members.”

Instagram isn’t safe

Instagram helps teens find drugs

We honestly don’t know when the platform will be safe for teens. Research by TTP has been proved to be right. Instagram really is not a safe place for the teens of society. Being a multi-billion dollar company with the most amount of teen users it doesn’t have great protocols. What do you guys think of the claim “Instagram helps teens find drugs” proven right? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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