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Vivo Working On A Smartphone With A Rolling Display


While the majority of the brands are going for the folding phone craze, Vivo is thinking something different. Vivo is reportedly working on the Vivo Rolling Smartphone. This is just like a Galaxy Fold, but instead, for folding, the display rolls out to extend the phone into a tablet.

Vivo Rolling Smartphone

Some leaks point towards Vivo working on a new smartphone that will have the ability to extend the display via rolling it out. Vivo, according to a patent application it filed at the World Intellectual Property Organisation is actually working on one. However, the plans aren’t final.

The patent was filed back in May 2021 and was published on December 2nd 2021. It was when it got leaked online by 91mobiles. Furthermore, the patent shows some drawings of how the phone might be executed. The smartphone extends from the right side with the display being rolled out. When not in use, it gets clipped back into place, held by a clip and magnets. This device gets a motor for rolling out the display and can be triggered via software. Some rumours say that the display may extend when the users do a certain task like view a video in full screen.

Speaking of the hardware, the device has a USB-C port on the right spine for charging and data transfer, while the speaker grill is on the top. On the back of the phone, a rectangular camera housing can be seen with 4 sensors in a straight line. On the front, we see the display with a hole punch in the top right corner.

Considering the patent, the device seems like it has a long way to go before entering production. I hope we see this new rollable concept get commercial very soon. Previously, Oppo had also demonstrated a folding smartphone but there is no news for its commercial release yet.

So, what do you guys think of the Vivo Rolling Smartphone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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