Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ Camera Specifications Leaked!

Samsung Galaxy S22 series is rumored to launch in February 2022. Jon Prosser leaked the exact launch date a while ago. According to him, the Galaxy S22 series will be unveiled on the 8th of February 2022. Time will tell how well this leak ages. But, if we consider his record in the past, we will most probably get an unpacked event from Samsung on 8th February for the S22 series.

Design Leaks

Jon Prosser even leaked actual images of S22 Ultra showcasing its new design with a stylus. S22 Ultra is set to replace the Note line from Samsung with a similar boxy design and a stylus slot built in the device itself. However, its smaller siblings, S22 and S22+ are said to have a similar design as their predecessors. S22 and S22+ are said to have smaller and wider dimensions.

Latest Leaks On Camera And Display Sizes

Reliable twitter leaker, Ice Universe, has revealed the exact sizes of the devices and their camera resolutions. According to him, S22 will be sized at 6.06″. While the S22+ will be sized at 6.55″. Both are smaller footprints than their predecessors. He has also said that Samsung is going to implement symmetrical and narrower bezels all around the display. These sizes are right at the sweet spot. S22 is compact and still useable, unlike the mini iPhones. While S22+ offers a large display to those who prefer without touching the Ultra size.

He has also leaked the camera specifications of these two phones. The main camera will be a 50MP sensor with an aperture of F1.8 There will be a 3X 10MP Telephoto lens at F2.4. Finally, there will be a 12MP Ultra Wide sensor with an aperture of F2.2. Moreover, the selfie shooter will be a 10MP lens with an aperture of F2.2.

So, feels like the Galaxy S22 series will have a changed and upgraded camera system from the S21 series. But, I am more excited about the new form factors. It will be interesting to see how Samsung manages all the great features in a small form factor like 6.06″. I am mostly concerned about the battery performance which is a major setback with smaller phones. We have seen the mini iPhones and how they failed to provide excellent battery performance. I hope Samsung takes note of their competitor’s failures.

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