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Update on Realme 9 Series: A Surprise In Store For Fans!


Realme didn’t launch its highly anticipated Realme 9 series this year. It was delayed apparently due to a global chip shortage. Realme launched two iterations of its numbered series in a year usually. Realme 8 series was released in March 2021. Its successor, the Realme 9 series was supposed to launch around July 2021 but the company announced that the Realme 9 series was being delayed until 2022.

Latest Update On Realme 9 Series

91mobiles in collaboration with leaker Mukul Sharma revealed some more exclusive news about the Realme 9 series. According to their report, the Realme 9 series will launch in February in India. So we can expect an early April release here in Pakistan. The latest numbered series will have four models. Namely, Realme 9, 9 Pro, 9 Pro+/Max, and 9i. Moreover, these 4 models will not launch in a single event. Rather they may launch in two separate events. Realme officially confirmed the existence of the 9 series in September and that it will hit the markets in 2022.

Expected Specifications

The Realme 9 Pro+ visited the IMEI database with model number RMX3393. Along with the Realme 9i which bears the model number RMX3491. The Pro+ model is expected to be the top-end model. It is expected to feature an OLED display with Snapdragon 870 under the hood. All four models are confirmed to launch in India. However, it is not confirmed that we will see all four of them in Pakistan. Detailed specifications are not yet known. But we’ll surely update you about the latest leaks on the Realme 9 series.

This will be the first time Realme will use a flagship-grade chipset in its numbered series. Snapdragon 870 is one of the best overall processors made by Qualcomm. I hope Realme launches the Pro+ in Pakistan too. It will surely be a hit if priced well.



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