HBL Users Face Negative Balance – Glitch or Scam?

The Habib Bank Limited (HBL) is one of the largest banks in Pakistan. HBL has more than 1,650 branches and over 23 million customers worldwide. HBL has again got into a mess. People have started reporting a scam from HBL. They are having negative balances in their accounts. This is not good news for HBL’s reputation.

Account Holders Getting Affected

Several users have reported on social media that some amount has been debited by HBL. This means that amount has been deducted from their accounts automatically. Some customers now have their account balances in negative amounts. People have lashed out at HBL on social media claiming that the bank has deducted amounts from their accounts without any reason.

HBL’S Response

HBL has not cleared the air about the whole fiasco. Many victims have claimed that the HBL helpline doesn’t help at all. They have responded to some of the tweets reporting the issue, but haven’t satisfied the victims.

Reality Of The HBL Scam

Well turns out HBL erroneously credited a transaction twice due to a glitch according to an account holder. He also faced the same deduction issue but he checked his past transactions and figured that the bank credited a transaction twice. So apparently, HBL is reversing those transactions. Meanwhile, people with already low balances are having their account balances going into negative amounts. But, we need to wait for the official statement by HBL. Only then we will know the truth. Maybe it is some cyber security issue but recent posts about HBL crediting a transaction twice may be the likely reason behind this situation.

Some people are also advising you to avoid transactions that directly involve cards and to keep your cards blocked on HBL apps. I don’t know whether it will help or not. Because if HBL has credited someone’s account twice by mistake then it is their right to debit their accounts.

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