NADRA Has Spent Millions Of Rupees On Apple iMacs Just To Use Browsers

National Database & Registration Authority Pakistan is also known as NADRA Spent Millions on iMacs. Those iMacs are only being used to run browsers and that too on pirated Windows. However, ProPakistani has reached out to them and asked for some answers. Here is everything we know.


NADRA Spent Millions on iMacs

NADRA, short for National Database & Registration Authority is a database bureau in Pakistan. Almost all of your National records and legal documents are availed from NADRA. From your birth certificate all the way to the National Identity Card. For such a vast network we would expect them to use top-notch machines and servers for working. So here is how Nadra spent millions on iMacs.

NADRA Spent Millions on iMacs

For such a big agency, spending millions on good quality equipment is normal. But what NADRA does will make you question reality. They after spending literal Millions on iMacs, use pirated Windows on them to use software like browsers or MS Office.


It would be justifiable if NADRA used these powerful computers for assessing tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, code compiling, etc. It is also reasonable to use Apple computers for Apple-exclusive software for better quality work, but a simple internet browser can be found on any basic Windows PC. Furthermore, there are thousands of NADRA offices across Pakistan, and several Macs in every office bumps the total budget.

NADRA Spent Millions on iMacs

A simple PC is enough to handle NADRA’s daily use-case, which is data entry, data monitoring, biometric input, and the basic tools NADRA uses. However, ProPakistani reached out to the person in charge. NADRA’s chairman Mr Tariq Malik gave this response.

“Previous management took some decisions, which I can’t change. ProPakistani questions are pertinent and we already have started a process of improving and replacing lagged infrastructure and software. We have stopped buying Apple and iMac machines. Apple systems are mainly bought by our project donors like the World Bank or any other agency. When they fund projects, they buy things of their choice.”

Further, he also said that the pirated software will be replaced and upgraded by the end of 2022 as it would be criminal to use pirated software. So, what do you guys think of this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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