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iMessage On Android – The Closest It Will Get


iMessage is one of the IOS features that gets much love from Apple users. The ability to send multimedia over Wi-Fi or mobile data, or react to their messages within the native app is very useful. But when you text someone who uses an android phone, it doesn’t go as smooth obviously. You have to use cellular data to send multimedia, the emojis and reactions won’t work. It’s just not a great experience. But, Google is all set to improve the experience, this is the closest ever to get iMessage on Android.

iMessage On Android

The UI for android users who like to chat with IOS users has improved a lot from the past days but still lacks some basic features, like the emojis don’t display properly and the reactions are equal to not working. But a leaked code from Google shows that they are working toward it. If you heart a message on an iPhone, for example, a fellow ‌iPhone‌ user will see a little heart on the message. On Android, though, when you heart a message it shows it in text: [Person] “Loved” and then the text of the message.

Recently, 9to5Google through the leaked code showed that Google is working so that the reactions, as well as emojis, show up as emojis in Android. It will be a far better option than just showing plain text or “boxes” for emojis and reactions.

“For now, it’s not clear exactly how this “classification” would work, but one would imagine Google Messages would spot incoming messages that start with something like “Liked” and try to match it to a previous message. Once it’s figured out what message is being reacted to, perhaps Google Message will hide the incoming iMessage fallback and instead show an emoji under the original message”. says 9to5Google.

This will be perhaps the most improved linking or iMessage on Android for now. What are your thoughts about this? Share in the comments below.

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