Google Pixel 6a Leaked: Spot The Difference!

Google’s next budget value for money device, the Google Pixel 6a has been leaked. Steve Hemmerstoffer in collaboration with 91mobiles has leaked the design and possible specifications of the Google Pixel 6a.

Google’s New Strategy

Pixel phones always bring something exciting for the tech enthusiasts of the world but the Pixel 6 series was something different. The Pixel 6 series feels like Google’s attempt to lure the mainstream consumers who normally prefer Samsung and Apple in the premium mid-range and flagship segment to make a switch to Pixel. Pixel phones have always had great cameras and software but Google could never sell a lot of them. Pixel phones never really challenged the likes of Samsung S and note flagships or Apple’s flagship offerings. But Google had the potential to be the Apple of the Android world as they had the liberty of using their clean software but their progress was somewhat hindered due to using processors from Qualcomm. They could never unleash themselves to their full potential. However, things have changed now. The Pixel 6 was the first homemade recipe from Google as they introduced their first custom silicon named Tensor. This has unlocked a whole new world of possibilities in terms of optimizations in software, efficiency, and computational photography.

Changing The Design Language

Apart from this huge internal change, Google has also changed its design language for Pixel. Previous Pixels didn’t have the best designs, to be honest. They just didn’t speak to me. But this time around, Google means business. Pixel 6 has a camera visor at the back which makes it easily recognizable. Like when a normal person who isn’t tech-savvy, comes across a phone with three lenses in the triangular arrangement they immediately think of the iPhone, Google has tried something similar. I have seen many people around me recognize the camera visor as the new Google phone. So I think they have achieved what they were trying to do.

Riding On The Wave Of A Successful Pixel 6 Launch

After setting the tone with the successful Pixel 6 series, Google looks to build on that with the launch of Pixel 6a. According to the latest report by 91mobiles and OnLeaks, Pixel 6a retains the camera visor at the back. There are dual rear cameras and a single LED flash housed in the camera module. We can expect the same primary camera from the Pixel 6 on the 6a. It also has a dual-tone finish with a glass back and metal frame similar to its elder siblings. The dimensions of the phone are roughly 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.7mm. There is a 6.2″ flat OLED display on the front which shows thinner bezels than the vanilla 6 in the renders shown by 91mobiles. It also has an in-display fingerprint scanner and a punch-hole selfie shooter in the center. There is a Type-C port along with two grills, one for the speaker and one for the microphone. There are antenna bands on all four sides, and the SIM card housing is on the left side of the device with no headphone jack.

Processor Choice For Pixel 6a

There are reports of Google using maybe a watered-down Tensor chip or a Snapdragon 778G. I think using a Snapdragon chipset won’t be viable. If they want to truly carry on their new path, they have to use an in-house chip for any phone they launch in the future. Only then they can finally achieve the status of being the Apple of the Android world.

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