OnePlus 10 Pro Leaked: Owning The Bump!

Excitement around OnePlus devices has watered down a bit since they integrated heavily with Oppo. CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, has also taken up the job of Chief Product Officer at Oppo and we have seen different elements on the hardware level shared between Oppo and OnePlus. But, the main difference was always the software. Now that Oxygen OS is officially dead, we don’t really know what to expect. Oxygen OS is set to be replaced by Unified OS. This new software will be first available on the next flagship phone, OnePlus 10 Pro.

OnePlus 10 Pro Design Leaked

Twitter leaker, Steve Hemmerstoffer, has leaked the OnePlus 10 Pro in all its glory collaborating with Zouton. He revealed an interesting new design. OnePlus takes inspiration from the contour cut camera module of S21 Ultra. The camera bump on the OnePlus 10 Pro melts into the frame. The render shows a vertical Hasselblad branding towards the melting side of the camera bump. The leaked design also shows 3 sensors and a flash on the bottom right corner. The camera module is interestingly not in the top left corner but a bit lower on the back of the phone. Some may like it or some may think its absolutely trash. But definitely its unique and we have not seen something like it before.

OnePlus 10 Pro Specifications

The new flagship OnePlus 10 Pro is said to house a circa 6.7 inch curved display with single punch hole selfie camera. Further reports suggest that the 10-series phone will be roughly 163.0 x 73.8 x 8.5mm in dimensions. The triple rear camera will also include 5x optical zoom. The display will have a 120Hz fast and smooth refresh rate in a 20:9 aspect ratio. The OnePlus 10 Pro is said to have a 5000 mAh battery which will charge from zero to full in twenty minutes due to 125W blazing fast charging speed. It will be powered by the latest Snapdragon processor which is yet to be announced officially at the end of November.

What’s Next For OnePlus

The new OnePlus flagship apart from a new design, will also debut the replacement of our beloved Oxygen OS. OnePlus officially announced that a new Unified OS will be run on the OnePlus 10 series. Exciting times ahead for us as this Unified OS could be a home run for OnePlus and Oppo. But for the hardcore OnePlus fans, if this Unified OS shifts away from the identity of OnePlus smartphones, it might be the year to move on.




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