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Google Maps Inside Buildings With Real Time Crowd Reports


Google Maps is getting a big update with some brand new and handy features, and improvements of some older features. This time along with roads and traffic people will be able to use navigations in buildings and see crowds. Here is everything regarding the update.

Google Maps Inside Buildings

This is a new feature that has not been seen on any map applications yet. However, Google is here with it. Starting with major cities and areas, Google Maps will show you and guide you through the insides of the building. It will be a very helpful feature. For tourists, they can guide themselves to the exact location inside this huge shopping complex or to the exact counter number in an Airport. This will be very useful in big places like the Dubai Mall or the UAE International Airport.

Not only that but Google tells you about the traffic conditions on roads along with estimated timings and fastest route. Expect the same but with indoor crowds. You may not like crowds or maybe you just want to avoid people because of the whole pandemic situation. This feature can be seen as being widely useful. The new Area Busyness tool for Google Maps will now let users check when a neighbourhood is at its busiest or is full.

Google PickUp Expansion

This feature works like this. Once a user orders from a particular retailer, pickup from Google Maps tracks your order status and shares your ETA. So both parties have information and no one time is wasted.

This feature came to Portland, Oregon back in March. Google now is about to expand pickup with Google Maps to around 2,000 locations in 30 odd states in the US, with the feature now including more Kroger family stores, be it Fry’s, Mariano’s, etc.

So, Google Maps is something more than just maps. With the working of it inside buildings and the expansion of pickup, Google is going on the right path. What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below.

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