120W Fast Charging Wasn’t Easy – Lu Weibing Shares The Difficulties

Recently, Xiaomi launched its Xiaomi note 10 Pro+ that was equipped with the fastest charging of 120w max. The phone quickly made its way to the headlines and many had their concerns and interests that how a phone can go from 0% to 100& is 15 minutes flat. But no one realised the difficulty of getting such a high charging speed in a smartphone. So Lu Weibing of Xiaomi shared how 120W charging wasn’t easy.

120W Charging Wasn’t Easy

The choice of 120W charging came with three main challenges to come across. Technical Difficulties, Shortages, Expensive parts.

Xiaomi 120w charging

Going in order, there were many challenges in technical challenges. First of all, they had to split the battery into two, increasing the number of charging chips, then the device should be kept thin and light for proper heat management and more components need to be installed.

Secondly, due to Covid, there is a huge shortage resulting in expensive parts, and speaking of expensive parts. The company had to custom fabricate the motherboards of the devices so that they would be able to withstand the huge charging voltage coming inside a smartphone, as it is necessary to involve the motherboard, battery, charger, and data line, and other four aspects, each of which requires a higher cost increase.

Smartphone companies also sometimes use used chips or old chipsets but for this kind of device, they had to use the latest chipsets in order to get the best results.

So, what do you guys think of the Note 11 Pro+ and also Xiaomi showing how 120w charging wasn’t an easy task. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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