Redmi Note 12 Wishlist – What We Need

So, the Redmi Note 11 just got launched, and we all have our opinions on what should, or shouldn’t have been the part of the series. Here is a Redmi Note 12 Wishlist of all the features that we want to see on the next Note.

Redmi Note 12 Wishlist

Faster Wireless Charging

Redmi Note 12 Wishlist

We all witnessed the huge 120w charging speed on the Note 11 Pro+ launched yesterday, but what we all missed is fast wireless charging. Many people like me have adapted to the wireless charging ecosystem and would love to see my phone have fast wireless charging. Dropping the phone on a charging pad is really convenient.

Bigger Battery

Redmi Note 12 Wishlist

Now, the lower models like the 11 Pro and the vanilla Note 11 had bigger batteries, but the Pro+ with the ‘120w’ fast charging gets a smaller battery. I know that a smaller battery will charge up faster, but even if the pro+ would have gotten a 5000mAh+ battery it would still charge really fast, but also last a bit longer. If someone buys the top model they must want to have the bigger battery for power-hungry tasks.

Small Display Option

Redmi Note 12 Wishlist

All the Note 11 series comes out with massive displays. But many consumers (including me) would like an option with a smaller display. They can make the display smaller and cut the cost, or bump the specs a little bit. We do get the Pro options for the bigger display, why not make the non-pro a smaller option.

Better Camera

Redmi Note 12 Wishlist

The Pro models on the Note 11 Series do get the 108MP camera. But numbers are not everything. They are using smaller and cheaper sensors than other competition. We also don’t get a telephoto or even decent OIS. I would much rather prefer a 64MP sensor with better quality, better OIS and a proper telephoto than a 108MP ‘gimmick’ that most of us forget to use.

Better Chipset

Redmi Note 12 Wishlist

This series does use good chipsets, but we won’t settle for that. I was expecting the Pro+ to at least get a Snapdragon but instead, it gets the same as the Pro. The only difference between Pro+ & Pro comes down to charging and battery. With the battery being the downgrade from the Pro. So if there would be a little more difference in both phones it would be better for the masses. The chipset makes a notable difference hence the whole wish for it to happen.

So, what do you guys think of our Redmi Note 12 wishlist? Do you think we missed something? Share your thoughts in the comments. Hopefully, Xiaomi might take some ideas from us.

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