Is IOS Really That Secure In 2021 – Apple Answers

Apple has been known to have the most secure operating system. They are really proud of their security on IOS and macOS. But, how secure is IOS actually? Let’s take a look at the statistics of IOS Security.

Apple IOS Security

Previously the European Commission wanted Apple to allow users to freely install applications out of the AppStore. But Apple strictly denied this saying that their security will be at stake if they allow apps to be installed from unknown sources. In an in-depth document detailing the security and privacy risks of sideloading Apps, Apple said that experts generally agree that the iOS platform is safer, and a very important reason for this is that Apple does not support side-loading applications.

IOS Security

App Store review mechanism is increasingly important because users pay more and more attention to privacy and security, and most importantly, unscrupulous applications are good in disguise, allowing users to freely install the App will be a great risk.

Apple said;

Android smartphones are the most common mobile malware targets and have recently had between 15 and 47 times more infections from malicious software than iPhone. A study found that 98 per cent of mobile malware targets Android devices. This is closely linked to sideloading: In 2018, for example, Android devices that installed apps outside Google Play, the official Android app store, were eight times more likely to be affected by potentially harmful applications than those that did not.

IOS more secure than Android

Samsung is also working on a secure android system and uses KNOX to secure their phones. But many people unknowingly side-load applications and get malware on their devices, and that can be the reason for data breaches.

IOS Security

Other than privacy it is easy to understand that Apple also does not want to lose billions of dollars of revenue in allowing the users to side-load Applications. But, again if you don’t care about privacy, you can always jailbreak your iPhone. But in terms of the statistics, IOS Security is more secure than android but the gap isn’t that huge anymore.

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