Don’t Worry About Petrol Prices Anymore – Here Are The Best Electric Bikes In Pakistan

With the ever-increasing price of petrol, everyone is in a state of mental stress. Especially in this global petrol shortage and current condition of the Pakistani rupee, Pakistani people are also suffering from the increasing price of fuels. So, what is the solution you may ask? Well, riding electric might be the best solution so far. In Pakistan, 90% of people own motorcycles and bikes for their daily commute. Students, delivery workers and even many other people prefer the transport because of its small size to avoid traffic and low fuel consumption to be lighter on the pocket.

But what if, I told you you could have a bike with no fuel consumption, no sound, smooth ride, and good looks? Well here are the Best Electric Bikes in Pakistan.

Best Electric Bikes In Pakistan

To save the cost of fuel, or maybe you don’t like the sound, you can go for the electric bike option. Here are the best electric bikes in Pakistan.

1. Jolta JE 70D-SE

Best Electric Bikes In Pakistan

The first bike on the list is Jolta JE 70D- SE. This looks just like any other 70cc bike in the market. Instead of the engine it has a battery and has no kick start or clutch. For the technical specifications, It will cover up to 80KMs in a single charge. The Top Speed on the road is 55KM/hour. The battery here is a lithium-ion battery of 20AH and a 1000w motor. It will completely charge in 8-10 hours and the charging will take around 1.5units of electricity.

2. Jolta JE 70L

Best Electric Bikes In Pakistan

This is like an extended-range version of the above model. The same looks and features can be found here. Other than that, the range on this one is bumped to 100KMs on a single charge and the battery is now obviously bigger at 30AH but with the same 1000w motor. The speed of the bike is also bumped up to 60KM/hour. The charging time is the same (overnight) with around 2 units of consumption.

3. Jolta JE 70D

Best Electric Bikes In Pakistan

This is like the entry model in the Jolta series. Looks here stay the same as other Jolta 70 series and the functions also remain unchanged. The distance this bike covers on a full charge is 80KMs. The battery here is a 20AH battery which provides us with a 50KM/hour top speed, and charges overnight with a consumption of 1.5 units. The price of this model is disclosed at RS.82,500.

4. Jolta JE 125-L

Best Electric Bikes In Pakistan

Now, this is the bigger model. The 125-L is a counter for the 125cc bikes, the looks are very similar to the traditional 125cc bikes. However, the battery here is 40AH which when coupled with a 2000w motor gives you a top speed of 72KM/hour with a 150KM range on a single charge. This one can fully charge in 2.5hours and will consume almost 3 units of electricity per charge.

5. Jolta Sports Bike

Best Electric Bikes In Pakistan

Now, if you guys don’t want the traditional look and want to turn some heads around your block. You can go for the Jolta Sports Bike. This one is different, the bike as the name suggests has a much sporty look and in my opinion, looks really nice. You can see multiple LEDs on the bike, along with alloy rims, heavy tires and other features. This one gets a 32AH battery, which when coupled with the 2000w motor provides you with a top speed of 60KM/hour and a range of 80KMs on a single charge. The charge time is overnight and will consume 2.5units.

6. Jolta Scooty

Best Electric Bikes In Pakistan

The iconic Scooty is now available in electric. This shape is different from any other in the list. It looks really nice and it might be the most non-distinguished one as it looks almost the same as the petrol-powered scooters. We get a 20AH battery here which gives us a range of 60KMs on a full charge. We get a 50KM/hour top speed thanks to a 2500w motor. The battery takes up to around 1.8units to fully charge.

So, this is the list of the best Electric Bikes in Pakistan. Which one would you prefer of the bunch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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