iPhone 14 Leaked – Goodbye To The Notch, New Pill-Shaped Front Camera

The iPhone 13 series was released even less than a month ago but man we are again getting bombarded by leaks left right and centre. The iPhone 14 series is trending amongst leaksters even tho the launch is almost a whole year away. From looks to specifications we have a lot of stuff to get through.

iPhone 14 Leaked

iPhone 14 Leaked

One of the biggest leaks was by Jon Prosser just after the launch of the iPhone 13. Those leaks and renders stormed the internet. The renders showed that the iPhone 14 will receive a hole punch and a change in design which will be similar to the iPhone 4s. The back will be going back to shiny glass and the buttons will be rounded, and perhaps the biggest change will be that the notch will be replaced by a hole punch.

iPhone 14 Leaked

Now, according to a different source, the iPhone 14 will not have a hole punch but a pill-shaped cutout in the top mid of the display. This is personally more believable to me as this would be different from the android world and have a trademark design impact for the iPhone 14. Furthermore, this new display design will further increase the screen-to-body ratio, and the bezels will be getting notably similar.

Leaked Specifications

Now, for the internals, we all know it’s a little too early to say this but, we do have a little document exposing the specifications of the device.

iPhone 14 Leaked

According to this little document, there will still be four devices with the 14 series. It appears that the 14 mini has been dropped and it’s being replaced by a 14 Max. The report reveals that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will use a 6.06-inch display. However, the 14 Max and 14 Pro Max will come with a larger 6.68 inches display. In addition, these two basic versions will use LTPS displays. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will come with LTPO screens. From this perspective, it appears that the 14 Max is a bigger display model but specs-wise lies below the 14 Pro.

Other information like the new A16 chip and the larger battery can also be seen but as this image can’t be proven to be true we won’t get too deep into this. There were some leaks even for the 13 Series that there will be no 13 mini and a 13 Max but that never happened.

So, what do you think about iPhone 14 Leaks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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