iPhone 13 Pro Max Gets New Sony IMX Camera Sensors

It’s been a little bit of time since the iPhone 13 launched. It’s quite the time when the reviews would come in. To be honest, it looks like iPhone 13 has been nailing various tests for now. The camera has also been very consistent, speaking of the camera, iPhone 13 gets new Sony IMX sensors. Let’s talk about those.

iPhone 13 gets new Sony IMX sensors

While Apple may be secretive and not let out technical details like this, many enthusiasts keep getting inside the iPhones and bringing the tiny details to the surface. The latest updates come from a Chinese enthusiast. The sensors used in the iPhone 13 Pro/ Pro Max are Sony IMX sensors, IMX-7 series to be exact. According to the blogger, Apple has made significant changes in the choice of camera CMOS compared to the previous generation.

iPhone 13 gets new Sony IMX sensors

The main 12MP cam has a 26mm focal length equivalent, F/1.5 aperture and 1.9 μm pixel size. There is a sensor-shift OIS, this sensor is the Sony IMX703.

The ultrawide has the same 12MP resolution, a focal length of 13mm, and an F/1.8 aperture. The addition of autofocus has been a huge upgrade. The sensor used here is the Sony IMX772.

The 3x 12MP telephoto now has a 77mm focal length with an F/2.8 aperture. The sensor here is named Sony IMX713.

iPhone 13 gets new Sony IMX sensors

The LiDar sensor is the same one from the iPhone 12 series, the Sony IMX590. Even the selfie camera sensor is the same as last year named the Sony IMX514, 1μm. Many people thought that Apple had changed the sensor to make the notch smaller, but they only moved the earpiece speaker a little closer to the edge.

PhoneiPhone 13 Pro MaxiPhone 12 Pro Max
Main CameraSony IMX703, 1.9μmSony IMX603, 1.7μm
UltrawideSony IMX772, 1μm, 13mmSony IMX372, 1μm
3x TelephotoSony IMX713, 1μmSony IMX613, 1μm
LiDarSony IMX590Sony IMX590
FrontIMX514, 1μmIMX514, 1μm


So, what do you guys think about the iPhone 13 getting new Sony IMX sensors? And also what are your thoughts on Apple using the same front camera from the last-gen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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