ZONG brings monthly unlimited PUBG bundle in 100PKR: Here is how to subscribe

Are you a PUBG Mobile lover? Do you see yourself opening PUBG Mobile every time you open your phone? But you don’t seem to have enough internet in your data bundle to play the game? Well, this article is just the thing for you my friend. ZONG has just introduced the ZONG unlimited PUBG bundle where you will receive unlimited* internet for playing this game. You can play this game for the whole month for just 100PKR. Here is how to subscribe to the bundle.

ZONG unlimited PUBG bundle

So, what is this Zong unlimited PUBG bundle you may ask? Well, this is a Bundle/Package that you can subscribe to for just 100PKR and enjoy unlimited internet for playing PUBG Mobile.

How to subscribe

To subscribe you will need to download the My ZONG App;

ZONG unlimited PUBG bundle

From there you navigate to “BUNDLES”.
Then you select the option for “My Offers”
After that, you should find this as the top option named “Monthly PUBG”
Now, you would just click “Subscribe” and choose a valid payment method.

Boom! You have just subscribed to this bundle.

How much is Unlimited

Well, you don’t actually get unlimited data to play PUBG. You only get 10GB of data for the whole month, 9GB of it is reserved strictly for playing the game, while 1GB can be used in other ways, like browsing the web or YouTube etc. And, if for some reason you can’t use all of the data and some of it is left by the end of the month, you can subscribe to the offer again and the remaining data will be added to the new subscription. For example, if you have 3GB of data left, you recharge once again (before the package expires) you will get a total of 13GB data this time (10GB for the new subscription and 3GB of the previous remains)

That’s not all, you will also be charged with 10% tax that will bring the total cost of this bundle to PKR 110.

ZONG unlimited PUBG bundle

So, what do you think of this data bundle? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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