Elon Musk Warns: Ferrari shouldn’t enter the self-driving car market

25th September, in Italian technology week, Elon Musk got in a video conference with the CEO of EXOR John Elkann. They talked about issues such as space exploration, energy, artificial intelligence (AI), and chip shortages, and Musk did give a piece of advice to Ferarri regarding entering the self-driving technology.

Elon Musk Warns Ferrari

Musk believes that Ferrari should not participate in the development of autonomous driving technology, and warns Ferrari before it’s too late. He adds that the global chip shortage might be short term but it did have a big impact on the market. Furthermore, Elkann agrees with Musk and says,

If Ferrari becomes a self-driving car, it will make people feel sad. After all, the essence of owning a Ferrari is being able to drive it personally.

Elon Musk
John Elkann

Elon Musk believes that some cars shouldn’t be self-driven. He says, “Although cars replaced horses a long time ago, some people still like to ride horses”. He continued saying, “The horse is on the Ferrari logo“, which won applause from the Milan audience. After this conversation, the duo is asked for their views on the global chip shortage.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk On Global Chip Shortage

Musk believes that the shortage is a short term problem and will be fixed really soon. He said: “I believe this crisis will be reversed soon, as new manufacturing plants are under construction, which will help normalize the supply of chips next year. I may not be 100% sure, but I think the situation will develop like this.” 

Infirm contrast to Musk’s point of view, more and more car and chip manufacturers have warned that structural problems are getting worse. The global chip shortage has had a major impact on many industries. The automotive industry has been hit particularly hard. Companies such as Ford, Volkswagen, and Daimler are all forced to halt production due to a deficiency of chips.

Consulting firm AlixPartners prophesied this week that the shortage of chips will cause the auto industry to lose US$210 billion in revenue this year alone. Glenn O’Donnell, vice president of consulting firm Forrester, pointed out that because demand will remain high and supply will still be limited, he predicts that the chip shortage may continue until 2022, or even possibly Continue until 2023.

Elon Musk

Things really don’t seem too great for newcomers or even old runners in the automobile industry. I myself agree with Elon Musk that Ferrari shouldn’t really go towards being self-driving. Half of the fun of owning a Ferrari is its roaring sound and the driving experience. So, what do you guys think about Musk warning Ferarri? Do you want to see a self-driving Ferrari, or do you like how they are? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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