Apple AR Glasses: Price, Launch Date & Expectations

AR Glasses by Apple have been one of the most anticipated AR products ever. These have been leaked and talked about several times by famous leakers. Let’s see what these new leaks are all about.

Apple AR Glasses

According to sources and leaks, one of Apple’s AR headsets has completed the second phase of prototype testing. One last step of the Engineering Verification Test remains before the product enters mass production. The supply chain pointed out that Apple’s AR head-mounted device plans 2 products. One is a high-end model, positioned as a commercial product, containing a lens and a laser sensor, using 5nm process chips, and Bluetooth connection (certification hasn’t been confirmed) for the connection to the iPhone, the frame will be made from a high-strength, lightweight magnesium alloy material.

Apple AR Glasses

Apple wants this product to be change from other headsets of glasses in the market, and they want to perfect everything before the launch.

Expected Price

The supply chain industry ventures that because of its high cost of components and expensive production, the price may be more exceeding to more than $2,000 (PKR 339,830). Therefore, Apple positions it as an industrial product, with an estimated annual shipment scale of 2 million units.

Expected Launch Date

It is estimated that mass production of the product will begin after 2023. According to sources, since its development in 2017, the design of the AR headset has undergone numerous changes. The original supply chain was rumoured to have completed P2 in the first quarter of 2021.

Apple AR Glasses

Apple has been very quiet with the production of the AR product, if we compare it to the iPhone leaks, they are equal to none. Only now when Apple has boosted product production these leaks have begun to appear. However, there aren’t any renders made for how the product may look like. So, what do you think about Apple AR glasses? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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