Tim Cook talks about Artificial Intelligence & “meta-universe”

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple got in an interview with Time magazine. Here he talks about Artificial Intelligence & his idea of a “meta-universe”.

Tim Cook talks about Artificial Intelligence

Tim Cook talks about Artificial Intelligence

Tim Cook at several times has showcased his interest in Artificial Intelligence or A.I. In this interview, Cook told, how much he loved the idea of A.I. He said “I’m very interested in artificial intelligence. Nowadays, artificial intelligence has appeared in many products that you can’t even think of. From the way we recognize users’ faces and fingerprints, the way we organize photos, and the way Siri works. So. I mean, artificial intelligence is everywhere. Regarding what artificial intelligence can do for people and how to make people’s lives easier, we are still in the early stages.

Tim Cook talks about Artificial Intelligence

Here he talks about how A.I has affected our daily life, giving examples of iPhones and Siri. Cook is clearly excited about what the future of artificial intelligence holds for the world. He further talks about the concept of augmented reality and his concept of the “meta-universe”

Cook’s idea of a “meta-universe”

After talking about artificial intelligence, Tim Cook talks about augmented reality. He is fascinated about what AR can bring to the world once perfected. He said, “This is a superposition of the virtual world and the real world, and it will not distract you from either, but strengthen the relationship between both of them worlds.”

Tim Cook talks about Artificial Intelligence

When asked by the interviewer whether Tim would call this the “meta-universe”, he replied by saying no. He said everyone has different opinions of this, but he won’t use a fancy word like this, especially when it is just the starting. He said, “I’m super excited about these new things. I believe that technology can bring many benefits to the world. Of course, it depends on the creators, and it depends on whether they have fully considered how the new technology is used and misused.”

Tim Cook talks about Artificial Intelligence

He further added, “The most important thing is that these things give us more time for leisure and entertainment, and we can do more things we want to do. I am very optimistic about what will happen in life.”

So, what do you guys think of Tim Cook talking about artificial intelligence & meta-universe? What are your takes on this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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