Apple Foldable iPhone: Rumours & Renders

According to sources, Apple is said to be developing 2 Foldable iPhones behind the scenes. Which are said to be launched in 2023. Here are the renders and rumours regarding the Foldable iPhones.

Apple Foldable iPhone

Apple Foldable iPhone

According to some surfaced rumours, Apple is working on 2 smartphones with folding screens. One would be a folding tablet and the other would be a flip-type folding phone. The source also pointed out that Apple and LG are currently jointly developing a foldable OLED panel. The panel will use etching technology to reduce the thickness of the in-folding display. This will be a new technology in the folding smartphone realm, and Apple might be the one to bring it with their Foldable iPhone.

Other than the display, we see a similar design in these renders by Let’sGoDigital. It is really similar to the Samsung Z-Flip. The camera seems to be really similar to the iPhone 12/13 Pro series. Right beside that, we see a cover display that’s exactly the size of the camera bump.

Apple Foldable iPhone

According to  Economic Daily News, Apple had several tests with the iPhone Flip successfully carried out by the Taiwanese chip manufacturer Foxconn. As part of the test, the device was opened and closed 100,000 times.

LG & Samsung were also involved in the testing as the display suppliers. In addition, Apple wants to apply the new glass technology for the foldable iPhone, which should ensure that the screen remains intact even after frequent folding. Other reports also state that Apple will use the same ceramic shield technology as the iPhone 12 series which will increase the durability as well as reduce the crease in the display.

Apple Foldable iPhone

Release Date

The Foldable iPhone will not launch before 2023. Even according to the famous analyst Jon Prosser, he agreed to not expect this iPhone before 2023. This might release with other variants of the folding phone, like a folding tablet or even like a dual-screen surface duo.

So, what do you guys think of the Foldable iPhone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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