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Top features of iPad Mini & iPad 2021


Along with the launch of the iPhone 13 series, we got to see the launch of the iPad & the iPad mini 2021. Here are the top features of iPad Mini and iPad 2021

iPad Mini 2021

Let’s start with the smaller of the both;

1. Bezel-less Display

The iPad Mini now features a bezel-less display like the iPad Air. This means that there is more room for the display and there is no need to increase the size of the tablet. The display also is 50% brighter, and touch ID is still present in the power button

2. Apple Pencil Support

iPad Mini now supports the Apple Pencil like any other iPad. You can use the pencil and then it just attaches to the side to charge.

3. USB C

It’s pretty self-explanatory that the iPad mini now comes with a USB C for charging as well as data transfer.

4. Better Camera

The cameras are a huge improvement on the Mini. The main camera is now 12MP with True Tone Flash, and the front camera is also a 12MP ultra-wide sensor that also supports Center Stage.

5. Most Powerful Mini Yet

The iPad mini has the latest chipset from Apple which provides 40% faster CPU and 80% faster GPU, with WIFI 6 and stereo speakers.


The iPad mini starts from $499

iPad 2021

1. Display

The new iPad gets a new 10.2″ Retina Display which is 20% brighter than last year. It now gets a True Tone Display.

2. All-Day Battery & Fast Charging

You now get a 20W USB-C power adapter with this iPad that supports fast charging. On top of that, the battery has been improved a lot to give you 20+ hours on a single charge.

3. Smart Keyboard

This iPad now gets the support of the magic keyboard from Apple or even any other third party keyboard attachment like from Logitech.

4. Apple Pencil

Every iPad user loves the Apple Pencil. And seeing the Apple Pencil in this budget-friendly iPad is really nice.

5. Better Camera & Stronger Chipset

The iPad 2021 gets an 8MP back camera, but it gets the same 12MP ultra-wide front camera with the Center Stage feature. This one starts at 64GB base storage now and a 20% faster A13 Bionic CPU.


This iPad starts at $329

So, what do you guys think of the top features of iPad Mini and iPad 2021? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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