Galaxy Note 22 To Feature Wireless Camera In S-Pen

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Samsung Note series is easily one of the biggest mysteries of 2021. Some say it will get launched, others say that Samsung killed the series. Now, LETS GO DIGITAL has exposed a patent of Samsung Electronics regarding the Note 22, and it shows that Samsung’s plans for this note might be different.

Galaxy Note 22 Leak

Galaxy Note series is known for its integrated S-Pen capabilities, but this patent shows that Samsung plans something more. They want the S-Pen to be more than just a pen, a detachable wireless selfie camera perhaps is the option Samsung is going with.

Galaxy Note 22

Wireless Camera in S-Pen!

These patents from LETS GO DIGITAL show that Samsung is planning to integrate a wireless selfie camera inside the S-Pen, for a true notch-less display.

Galaxy Note 22

S-Pen can be popped up a little bit to just expose the camera part, or fully to use as a wireless camera. Finally, the S-Pen can include a clip that allows you to fix it on clothes or other objects, again providing new options, similar to the Insta 360.

Sources say that the S-Pen camera will communicate with your mobile phone wirelessly via WIFI, Bluetooth or NFC. Otherwise, it will be used as an integrated camera. The device will have its complete S-Pen functions, including the remote control as the main camera, and support for air gestures etc. This does look really great on paper, but the real question will be how it performs. Will the S-Pen be heavier because of a bigger battery inside. Will the charging take much longer? These questions will be answered only after the phone is launched. So, what do you think of the Galaxy Note 22 leak? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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