Will Xiaomi 120W Fast Charge Affect Battery Health? Xiaomi Answers!

When Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi 120w Fast Charge, everyone got excited. Then one rumour afloat the internet that 120w Fast Charge will damage the battery health of a phone and that the battery won’t be long lasting. But, now finally after a huge debate on social media, Xiaomi has steeped into this to provide answers.

Xiaomi 120w Fast Charge Affect Battery Life

The upcoming Mi 11T Pro will support 120W fast charging, the Mi 10 Ultra, which was only sold in China last year, also supports 120W fast charging. It only takes 23 minutes to fully charge the device. Now everyone had that negative effect on their minds that it will shorten the overall battery life of the device.

So, Xiaomi’s head of international communications and global spokesperson Daniel Desjarlais stepped forward to answer some questions. Daniel said you can expect the same life as any other more traditional smartphone battery.

He states: “This is something we really do a lot of testing on. Generally speaking, for the kind of battery we tested A battery with a 120w fast charge, after 800 charging cycles, will still have 80% battery capacity. Some people may think that it loses 20% and that’s a lot, but this is basically the standard for all charging technologies. 800 cycles, for most people, Is about two years. So it’s very reliable.”

Xiaomi 120W Fast Charge

For comparison, Apple’s batteries lose 20% capacity after 500 charges even though they charge at only 20w. When asked whether if using a slower charger would further improve battery health, Daniel said: “There is a relatively small difference between the two. Of course, the best case is that if you want to charge overnight, use slower chargers, and use fast chargers in more urgent situations.” As for safety issues, Daniel said that the test has been very thorough, including third parties, and the device itself contains 34 different battery protection functions.

Xiaomi’s future plans

The outcome of this exchange with Daniel came to the conclusion that Fast Charging is safe and does not have much effect on the batteries. Xiaomi believes that its fast charging technology will continue to exist, and there may still be room for improvement. Like how they showcased the 200w charging. Moreover, Daniel was very excited about the future projects of Xiaomi and how the brand will improve. Another news that broke is that the international conference of Xiaomi 11T Pro and 11T series will be held on September 15. So, what do you guys think about Xiaomi 120W Fast Charge being safe? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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