Apple Fires Worker For Raising Voice On Workplace Safety Issues

Apple has recently been under fire because of allegations from an ex-employee. Apple employee Ashley Gjøvik was fired by Apple for raising her voice over workplace safety issues & sexual harassment faced at work.

Apple fires Ashley Gjøvik

Apple fires Ashley Gjøvik for raising voice on workplace safety

Ashley Gjøvik, senior engineering project manager got fired today over “leaking sensitive company information”. She claimed on social media that Apple has flaws in workplace and employee safety. For several months now, Ashley Gjøvik has been publically posting about facing sexual allegations and harassment from seniors at Apple.

Sexual Harassment allegation on the company

Gjøvik stated that she has been facing sexual harassment from managers as well as team members. She also began to show concerns over Apple’s privacy policy to search & record employees’ phones and texts. She shares in a tweet that Apple has access to everything on her phone. Even something as personal as “explicit” images of her. She says those files are in Apple’s possession in their “permanent evidence locker”

When I started to raise workplace safety issues in March, I faced retaliation and intimidation almost immediately. I started to prepare for such a thing to happen.” Gjøvik said, “I was disappointed they treat their employees like this.”

In early August Apple started to investigate this issue, and Ashley was forced to take administrative leave from the company. Finally today, she was contacted by the Team. Ashley replied to the e-mail saying she would like all the conversations to be via E-mail so that everything is written.

Apple fires Apple fires Ashley Gjøvik

Apple’s reply to media

A few hours after this exchange, Apple fires Ashley Gjøvik. She broke this news on social media by herself. This story has gone viral on Twitter. So, naturally, everyone was expecting an answer from the company. Apple spokesperson Josh Rosenstock said: “We are and have been committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive working environment. We will take all problems seriously, and once problems arise, we will conduct thorough investigations. In respect of the privacy of relevant individuals, we will not discuss specific employee matters.”

So, what do you guys think about this matter? Do you think Ashley did the right thing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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