Don’t Buy iPhone 13, 2022 iPhone Is The Real Deal

The iPhone 13 is launching next week but, we aren’t here to talk about that. We are here to talk about the 2022 iPhone or the next iPhone. Jon Prosser has already reported the leaks of the 2022 iPhone (iPhone 14) and created 3D renders based on the leaks. I think it’s safe to say the design change is a big one here.

2022 iPhone or iPhone 14

2022 iPhone

The 2022 iPhone might be called iPhone 14, but it’s too early to confirm that. Even the current iPhone can be called the 13 or the 12s we don’t have it confirmed. Let’s not waste any further time and get into the leaks & renders.

Rendered images

2022 iPhone

Starting from the back, as you can see the most notable change is that there is no camera bump! The back glass panel is straight and continuous. Another big change is that the back isn’t matte anymore, but it’s semi-glossy. With a first look, the phone reminds you of the legendary iPhone 4s.

2022 iPhone

Coming to the front, the display, we see something that is very strange yet very appealing. The huge bar notch is gone! Yes, it is finally gone! In that place, we see a small round hole punch in the top centre. According to Prosser, the Face ID is still there and has been moved below the display.

2022 iPhone

On to the sides. The sides SCREAM iPhone 4s. The material here according to the leaker is titanium with round volume buttons. On the bottom, we still have the same lighting port and two speakers, one on each side of it. The power button is still in the same position with the same shape. The antenna bands are still there.

2022 iPhone

Leaked Specifications

Coming over to the inside or the specifications, the leaks state that we will get a 6.7″ Display on the front, an A16 Bionic chip, and 48MP triple camera sensors with LiDar. However, one set of leaks also says that the phone might get a periscope lens too, but that’s too early to confirm yet.

It’s safe to say that these leaks and renders for the 2022 iPhone are a little too early to be 100% accurate, lets just enjoy them for now until more leaks surface the web. So, what do you think about iPhone leaks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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