All Samsung Galaxy A-series smartphones will support OIS next year

Samsung’s budget line of smartphones, or better known as the Samsung Galaxy A-Series is going very strong. This year Samsung started to give OIS to two of the Galaxy A smartphones, now sources indicate next year all of them will have it.

All Galaxy A-Series phones will get OIS next year

A report by Korean Media shows that Samsung is using OIS in their lower-cost smartphone lineup. OIS used to be limited to Samsung Flagships only, but now it’s going to expand to the A-series. This year 2 of the devices Samsung A52 and A72 got OIS. Next year the whole A-Series lineup is expected to get OIS or at least almost all of the series.

All Galaxy A-Series getting OIS

According to calculations of sources, the price of a single Samsung camera module used in the A-Series is about $10, the image sensor and lens account for 70% of the camera’s budget. While the OIS for 20%. The price of the OIS module is at least 15% more expensive than that of AF (Auto Focus). And the average selling price of camera modules is expected to rise by about at least 3%.

Samsung sees profit in that rise hence they are going to give if not all then the majority of the Galaxy A-Series OIS next year.

I think it is a nice addition to the A-Series as most of them are usually overpriced. Consumers love to see feature-rich smartphones at a lower price point. But, what do you guys think about All Galaxy A-Series getting OIS? Share your thoughts and opinions below.

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