iPhone 13 Satellite Communication Feature – It will communicate to low orbit satellites

As the launch of the much anticipated iPhone 12 is around the corner, we pretty much know what Apple holds for us. But there is always something new we learn, as the new iPhone 13 Satellite Communication Feature leaked by Kuo. Here is how the iPhone 13 may be able to talk to Satellites.

iPhone 13 Satellite Communication Feature

iPhone 13

Apple analyst and famous leaker Ming-Chi Kuo is back with some spicy rumours regarding the new iPhone 13 series. The iPhone 13 line-ups reportedly will be able to communicate with low orbit satellites. They will reportedly feature low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communication connectivity via custom Qualcomm X60 modems. This will allow them to make calls, send texts and get internet service in areas without cellular coverage.

Kuo further adds that network operators will have to work with satellite communications providers like Globalstar to direct iPhones to their LEO satellite network. Globalstar also has its n53 frequency band which will be supported by Qualcomm’s upcoming X65 5G modem. This will enable the iPhones to directly communicate with LEO satellites at no additional cost.

iPhone 13 Satellite Communication

Another great example and use case scenario is Star Link. SpaceX’s Starlink is another LEO satellite powerhouse that will provide broadband Internet via satellites. Kuo also says that Apple is very optimistic about this and will continue to expand this feature. The company is believed to have plans to bring LEO satellite communications to more devices in the future to “provide innovative experiences.” These may include Apple’s mixed reality head-mounted device, electric vehicle, and other IoT accessories, according to Kuo.

If it works as intended, I am sure the feature will soon be adopted by others. The easy access of having reliable internet anywhere and get almost full signal strength even in the middle of a desert is definitely the future. So, what do you guys think about the iPhone 13 Satellite Communication Feature? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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