Unlocking Bootloader Disables Camera of Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Z Fold 3, easily at the peak of the folding smartphones lineup. Samsung has put the best of everything it has to offer in a foldable via the Z Fold 3. While for many the device fell perfect as it is, many people love to change the device as per their liking to either change something or make the most of their device. To do that they may need to access the bootloader. But, unfortunately, it looks like Samsung isn’t in favour of unlocking the bootloader of their foldable. In short, Unlocking Bootloader Disables Camera of Z Fold 3, here is what this is all about.

Unlocking Bootloader Disables Camera of Z Fold 3

Many tech enthusiasts love to use their devices with custom ROM and for that, they unlock the bootloader, but Samsung doesn’t allow it because of their security I assume. KNOX on Samsung will void the warranty if you tamper with the software, you will lose security features but along with that on the Z Fold 3, you lose the camera for good.

Unlocking Bootloader Disables Camera of Z Fold 3

When you reach the final stage, the final confirmation screen during the bootloader unlock process on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 mentions that the operation will cause the camera to be disabled. Upon booting up with an unlocked bootloader, the stock camera app indeed fails, along with all camera-related functions. You can’t even use facial recognition or even access the camera through a third-party app.

So, Unlocking Bootloader Disables Camera of Z Fold 3. When you try to access the camera, you get this log from the device;

08-24 16:40:44.332 1352 3783 W ServiceManager: Permission failure: android.permission.SYSTEM_CAMERA from uid=10255 pid= 5629

Sony, in the past, has done the same, and now Samsung. It is unclear why the camera fails, but it is a software-related issue as the camera comes back once you lock the bootloader again. What do you guys think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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