New Sony Playstation 5 is 300 grams lighter

Sony usually launches revised versions of its gaming consoles after some time. The Playstation 5 came out last year. The new generation comes with a bold design language. It is quite heavy. Now, a new revised version of Playstation 5 has come up. The Playstation 5 new model is here with a lighter weight. Here is everything we know about Playstation 5 lighter version so far.

Playstation 5 lighter

The Playstation 5 wasn’t announced by Sony officially however it was seen in Australian stores. The new stock landed in Australia carries a different model number CFI-1102A. The original models had the model number CFI-1000. Due to the lack of an official announcement, we don’t know much about the new PS5 consoles.

The new Playstation 5 is lighter

But it is said to be 300 grams lighter than the original PlayStation 5. So how does the new PS5 Light edition gets lighter? Well, the difference known for now is the new screw for the base stand. The new screw can be tightened with a hand and doesn’t require a screwdriver. Not only that, but it also has a brand new clamp reducing the weight.

We are still not at the point where a screwdriver will not be required for Playstation 5 consoles. To access the optional removable M.2 SSD storage, a screwdriver is still required. However, Sony is working on bringing a removable SSD storage option. Well, it is not the first and last time we are going to see a new iteration of PS5. We will see many more versions of the console before the next major upgrade. If you compare PS4 to PS5, the console is just huge. It is not as portable which gives it room for improvement. The new Playstation 5 lighter version has only arrived in Australia right now. We will keep you updated whenever there is the latest news.

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