Vivo is setting a Smartphone Production Plant in Pakistan!

After the last tax hike on imported mobile phones, manufacturers like Oppo and Samsung have set up production plants in Pakistan. Reportedly Vivo is next in like to start local production of smartphones. Vivo is setting a production plant in Pakistan.

Vivo setting a production plant in Pakistan!

After Samsung and Oppo, Vivo is setting up a production plant in Pakistan. This news was announced by the Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood on Twitter.

Vivo setting up production plant in pakistan

He congratulates Vivo Pakistan on setting up the plant. He further adds to the Tweet that the next step is the export of phones. It sure is a proud moment for all Pakistani’s that big companies like Samsung and Vivo are making phones in Pakistan.

Abdul Razak Dawood

This all means that there will be cheaper phones as well as the national economy will bloom. Adding to the good news, Razak later announced that, Inovi Telecom has just exported the first consignment of 5,500 “Made in Pakistan” 4G mobile phones to the Middle East. This means that the production level in Pakistan is already of international standards.

These 2 companies have opened the gates of international phone manufacturers to come and start production in Pakistan. Let’s see which company comes next.

Vivo setting up production plant in pakistan

As a Pakistani, I am very proud and happy. I am sure I am speaking for all Pakistanis when I say this. So, what do you guys think about Vivo setting a production plant in Pakistan? Which next company do you think will establish their plant in Pakistan? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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