Will Mi Mix 4 Come To Global Market? The Answer Is Here

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 which is easily one of the most anticipated Xiaomi phones is coming out next week. The launch in China is confirmed, but the question is, will we see a Mi Mix 4 Global? Fans from all over the world have questions. Here are your answers

Mi Mix 4 Global – Will it happen?

There is a huge fan base for Xiaomi phones outside of China. Fans are always excited to see new phones, but not always every phone makes it to the global market. Sometimes Xiaomi waits a little while and rebrands the phones for the global market. Other times they won’t ever leave China. But sometimes they just launch the phone as it is.

Mi Mix 4 Global

So naturally, fans are waiting for Mi Mix 4 and expecting to see Mi Mix 4 global variant, but unfortunately, there isn’t much good news for the global Xiaomi fans. There may not be a global release of the phone at all – at least for now.

This news broke on Twitter by Agatha Tang, Product PR for Xiaomi Global. Answering a fan they stated that Xiaomi has no plans to globally launch this phone.

This response from Agatha broke the heart of millions of fans and tech enthusiasts who were expecting to see a global launch of the smartphone.

However, there is still a little bit of hope left. We never know, Xiaomi may in the future launch this to the global market as a rebranded phone. We can only hope so for now.

So, what do you think about this? were you waiting for the Mi Mix 4? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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