Huawei Mate X Rollable Exposed – Wrap Around Rollable Display

Huawei has been working on a rollable phone namely the Huawei Mate X Rollable. Even after the US ban, Huawei has not stopped being innovative. This patent reveals the new style of changing displays. The company is heading towards a different approach after in my opinion nailing the foldable phone.

Huawei Mate X Rollable Patent

According to Letsgodigital, Huawei’s new cell phone design patent was recently approved. The patent shows a wrap-around screen design phone, and the screen can also be retracted. The patent was filed on January 31, 2021, and was approved on Aug. 5, 2021.

Huawei Mate X rollable

It is a very detailed patent, which is mainly aimed at preventing unwanted screen creases. In addition, another detail is revealed, the device will have 3 modes. You can roll out the screen a little bit, roll it out fully, or don’t roll it out at all.

Huawei Mate X rollable

The design is somewhat similar to Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha as that the display wraps around the phone but then it’s also way different in terms that it’s rollable and can extend.

How Mate X Display Works

A roller is placed between the two magnets, which is a fraction larger than the thickness of the housing. In this way, the roller ensures that there is some form of play between the pull-out display and the magnets.

Huawei Mate X rollable

When the display is fully rolled out, the display approximately will be 70% larger than in its un-rolled form. That means you could extend a 6.5-inch phone to an 11-inch display size. You suddenly have a full-sized tablet in your hands. The display here is a POLED type display.


The rollable concept seems pretty nice, many more companies like Oppo also revealed their form of rollable display, but none is in production yet. What do you guys think? Is rollable the future of smartphones? Do you prefer rollable or foldable? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Source [Let’sgoDigital]

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