AMD VP praises Apple M1 Chip – Says it’s really impressive

AMD VP praises Apple M1. The VP David McAfee seemed really impressed with the self-made Apple Chipset, especially how powerful it is while maintaining efficiency. 

AMD VP Praises Apple M1 

AMD Vice President David McAfee seemed quite impressed with the Apple M1 chip. He said “The single-core performance of Apple’s M1 chip is comparable to AMD’s latest Zen 3 architecture processor. In addition, the biggest innovation of the M1 chip is its extremely high energy efficiency ratio. No current x86 processor can compare with the M1 chip in terms of energy efficiency. Therefore, the release of the M1 chip is a good incentive for the industry” as we can see David compares the M1 to AMD’s latest processor, so everyone can agree that Apple did an amazing job with the M1 regardless if you are a fan of the company or not.

AMD VP Praises Apple

However, David McAfee also said that AMD’s products are equally powerful, and the company’s future roadmap will be designed to better compete with Apple chips, as there is more competition, not just Intel. In the future, AMD Zen architecture processors will target Apple’s M-series chips, focusing on improving single-threaded performance and energy efficiency. 

What he says about AMD

It is easy to say that AMD really sees Apple as a big competition now in the chipset market. Imagine if Apple began manufacturing chips for other PCs, the market would go crazy. But on a realistic note that won’t ever happen.

AMD VP Praises Apple

After praising Apple, he comes back to make hype for AMD and says that AMD is in a leading position in the industry in terms of performance, energy efficiency, and manufacturing process, and future plans of the company are huge.

What’s Next

AMD VP Praises Apple

Apple is expected to release the next-generation M1X chip in 2022, and AMD will also launch the Zen 4 architecture processor in 2022. For Intel, the 12th-generation Core processor will use the large and small core design for the first time, using the new Intel 7 10nm process manufacturing. It will be interesting to see how these three chipsets compete with Apple’s Second Gen of the M-series.

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