MIUI 13 Will Feature Virtual RAM Expansion

MIUI 13 offers Virtual RAM Expansion

Fast, faster and fastest is the symbol of new smartphones. Nowadays we expect our devices to be perfect with tons of features, to match our daily living standards. In August, MI is all set to exhibit their new devices and much more. One of the sources confirmed that MIUI 13 offers Virtual RAM Expansion.


Recent leaks suggest that MIUI 13 will boast Virtual RAM Expansion up to 3GB. This will allow phones with limited RAM to offer better performance and multitasking. Virtual RAM does not work the same as actual physical RAM, But it preloads the programs for efficient start and faster loading for most parts. Virtual RAM Expansion will ease out the tasks of Physical RAM, using it as a substitute.

So that mobile phones will perform smooth operations with ease, the system converts some of the storage space to be temporarily used as RAM. MIUI 13 will auto-configure this to the most used apps to their full performance, this will enable the management of serval apps running simultaneously to ensure smooth operation.



Virtual RAM

MIUI has always been a stable operating system, with the release of MIUI 13 in August. MI phones will have a makeover with new animations, a new battery saving mode, gestures and many other exciting features. A new design with good colours. We are waiting for more leaks to confirm it. Beebom reported that MIUI 13 will be having many useful features, let us wait till august.




What We Know So Far About MIUI 13

MIUI is all set to be released in August 2021. Details of the new MIUI 13 has recently been revealed, Some reports say, the MIUI 13 comes with a small window mode play, optimized desktop icons, fusion memory technology. Furthermore, new rendering system animation, fonts, sounds effects, touches, gestures and much more.

None of the details is clear yet, if the new version of MIUI is bugs free and has such potential, it will surely give Mi phones a new look of fluency and power. it has many other functions, we are waiting for the upcoming event in August.


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