Samsung is making flat lenses to reduce camera bumps

Samsung is making flat lenses to reduce the thickness of the phones and make the camera bumps smaller. They have been experimenting with this for quite a while and it seems like they are finally reaching somewhere.

Samsung is making flat lenses

According to the South Korean media, an executive of Samsung told them on Wednesday that the company is developing a Meta Lens. This lens looks like a flat structure, but its surface is covered with nanoparticles, so it can refract light the same way as a regular lens. The lens principle is similar to the Fresnel lens, but the precision is higher and it is thinner.

Samsung making flat lenses

This technology can reduce the thickness by almost 50%. However, it will improve the looks and aesthetics of the phones. At the Nano Korea 2021 conference in Seoul, Lee Shi-woo, Senior Vice President and Director of Samsung, told reporters. He said that the company is studying the method of applying nano bumps to lenses. Samsung is currently trying to bring this technology to mass production.

How close is it to Mass Production?

Processing this kind of lens needs to be done on the nanometer scale. Up to now, the company has successfully manufactured a 7P lens group. Shenzhen MetalenX Technology Co., Ltd. also focuses on design, manufacturing and application. According to the company’s news, the superlens is currently being manufactured in large quantities through a semiconductor chip process. The surface has a micro-nano structure to modulate the phase of incident light to converge and image.

Samsung making flat lenses

Production of superlenses is different from the moulding process of traditional lens making. This has the advantage of high productivity, and the cost will be greatly reduced after the mass production of superlenses.

The thickness of the superlens ranges from hundreds of nanometers to micrometres, which is much thinner than the thickness of traditional lenses. This helps to reduce the weight significantly. At present, the superlens produced by the company can support far-infrared, near-infrared, and visible light, and can be used in consumer electronics, microscopic imaging, security monitoring and other fields.

Once these debut in a smartphone, it will change the smartphone cameras. What do you guys think about Samsung making flat lenses? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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