Samsung Pakistan increases smartphone prices (July 2021)

Samsung official distributors in Pakistan have disclosed the newly updated price list. Recently we saw a price hike with Xiaomi smartphones. And now, Samsung has increased its pricing. Although, the prices of only some models have increased for now. But the price difference is a lot. Let’s have a look at the updated Samsung price list for July 2021.

Samsung Galaxy A32
Old RRP: PKR 39,999
NEW RRP: PKR 45,999

Samsung Galaxy A12 4/128GB
Old RRP: PKR 29,750
NEW RRP: PKR 33,999

Samsung Galaxy A12 4/64GB
Old RRP: PKR 27,200
NEW RRP: PKR 32,300

Samsung Galaxy A02s 4/64GB*
Old RRP: PKR 19,999
NEW RRP: PKR 21,400

Samsung Galaxy A32 was already overpriced in Pakistan. The smartphone featured mediocre specifications. However, thanks to the brand, the smartphone is quite popular. We also see a huge price increase on Galaxy A12. For now, there is no revised pricing on high-end models including Galaxy A52 and A72. But maybe in the coming days, we will see their pricing go up as well.

Reason behind the price increase

Samsung didn’t mention the reason behind the price increase. However, the two main reasons behind the price increase are: high import tax and USD going up. The government has increased import tax in Pakistan on smartphones by up to 240%. This means we will likely see high-priced smartphones in the coming days. Old smartphones will get expensive too.

Realme manufacturing plant in Pakistan?

Realme manufacturing plant pakistan, Samsung Price increase

The only way to tackle this is by opening manufacturing plants in Pakistan. Even though it will require a huge budget, companies can start from assembly plants. Recently, an image has surfaced online suggesting that Realme Pakistan has started manufacturing products in Raiwind, Lahore. According to a source, Oppo will also be starting manufacturing in Pakistan. This way, smartphone companies in Pakistan will not have to pay import tax and the prices will go down for the public. I hope companies start manufacturing here so we don’t have to pay a premium on top.

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