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OnePlus 6T running Crysis and Hitman 4 on Windows 11 (Video)


“But can it run Crysis” is a popular gag used to see how powerful your PC is. Even though Crysis came out back in 2007, it was very graphically demanding. People even used the game for benchmarking. Who knew one day we will see a smartphone running Crysis? A YouTuber who managed to port Windows 11 on their OnePlus 6T is able to run Crysis and Hitman 4.

Since ARM processors are supported. Windows 11 seems to be running perfectly on the OnePlus 6T after all. The task manager shows optimal CPU and GPU load. Plus, the keyboard and mouse works too. Opening Crysis was not a big deal, it was easily loaded. However, with medium settings, it lagged a lot. The YouTuber later reduced the quality and removed texture effects. After reducing the graphics, we can easily see it runs at around 30fps. ‘

Crysis is not the only game, the YouTuber played. He also ran Hitman 4: Bad Blood on his OnePlus 6T. This is a 2006 game. It also ran fine with less lag compared to Crysis 4, but still seems like the game couldn’t go above 30fps. However, watching a smartphone running PC AAA titles from 2006-07 is amazing. Also, note that this smartphone is 3 years old. We have Snapdragon 888, and more powerful processors than ever.

Snapdragon 845 powered smartphones running Windows 11

Your PC might not support Windows 11, but your SD845 powered smartphone surely does. Renegade Project was able to port Windows 11 on Snapdragon 845 powered flagship smartphones including Xiaomi Mi 8, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Poco F1, and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. However, there are certain issues including the lack of Wi-Fi, non-Bluetooth audio, cellular connectivity, and other sensors. However, it still shows us what modern smartphones are capable of. Things will go even better as Samsung is pairing up with AMD for their processors. What are your opinions on OnePlus 6T running Crysis? Let us know in the comments section below.

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