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After Apple & Xiaomi, Samsung is hunting down leakers


With almost all of the products getting leaked even before the announcement companies like Xiaomi, Apple & Samsung have taken an aggressive approach and warned the leakers.

Samsung warns leakers

Samsung is now taking action against leakers and issues warning against them. They will now forcefully takedown and copyright strike any post regarding leaking the information of any of their unreleased products or plans.

According to Max Jambor of AllAboutSamsung, Samsung recently sent a copyright statement to the whistleblowers, requesting to delete the pictures and videos that broke the news.


The well-known leaker Evan Blass also confirmed the news, and he suggested that Max should delete the tweets. He even indirectly confirmed that he would remove posts that contained Samsung material. His recent 360-degree GIFs of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Buds 2, and Galaxy Z Flip 3 have been deleted.

After some time Max again tweeted showing that his video on YouTube regarding leaks of upcoming Samsung products has also been taken down.


Crucially, Samsung is currently targeting the original leak sources, presumably to stop similar things from happening again in the future. That means media outlets reporting on them are in the clear.

Xiaomi & Apple also doing a crackdown on leakers

A few weeks back Apple also did the same, they even fired lots of people responsible for leaking any news. They have sent notices to leakers. Apple also has strictly warned the employees to stop leaking. According to the company’s memo, around 29 employees were found and 12 of them were arrested. It will now be harder to know or share leaks of future Apple products.

Even the Chinese giant Xiaomi issued a legal notice against leakers and warned them regarding sharing of any information like price, specs, or other details. They have also done an aggressive approach and are already striking videos and other forms of multimedia.

Our Thoughts

I personally think that leaks create a lot of hype and free advertisement for the products. And many consumers even wait for the latest products after hearing leaks about them. I also do get the company’s perspective but I personally enjoy the leaks and rumours.

So, what do guys think about this? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.

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