POCO X4 Pro: 8 Most-wanted Features

In 2020, POCO made a comeback launching a number of successful smartphones. One of the best launches of last year was no other than POCO X3 NFC. It is a great mid-range smartphone with features like a 120Hz refresh rate display, stereo speakers, and high-speed charging. Fast forward, POCO recently launched POCO X3 Pro. The Pro version got many changes like a better processor and a downgrade in the camera department. Nevertheless, here are the features we would like to see on POCO X4 Pro.

POCO X4 Pro should have wireless charging

This is a way unrated concept in mid-range smartphones. Even after years of wireless charging support on flagship devices, this is the single feature that never got its way to cheap phones. If wireless is the future, then companies should start introducing wireless charging on mid-range devices. I want to see wireless charging on POCO X4 Pro despite its limitation of slow. The presence of wireless charging on POCO X4 Pro will be enough!

A design that doesn’t make us vomit

POCO X4 Pro specifications, price, features
POCO X2 was much better in terms of design

We all know the controversial POCO X3’s design. The Pro version was not any different. The design is different but it looks ridiculously ugly. Heck, I had to buy a case that could hide my ugly camera module. My suggestion to POCO would be to adopt a simple design. Make the camera smaller, in a vertical position at the top left corner. Add some gaming elements to the phone, and boom here you go!

POCO X4 Pro: No compromise on performance

One thing is for sure, POCO won’t disappoint in the performance sector. The X3 even though had average performance, the Pro nailed it with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 chipset. We want to see a similar processor on X4 Pro. I won’t complain if it’s a Dimensity 1000-series lineup as they will provide both; performance + 5G.

Keep the stereo speakers

One reason I still have my vanilla POCO X3 is its amazing stereo speakers. No doubt, it has one of the best speakers in the mid-range market. Of course, it’s not the loudest. But having stereo over mono sound is a big plus. The X4 Pro should keep the iconic speakers!

Primary sensor and ultrawide of X3, rest change

POCO X4 Pro specifications, price, features

POCO X3 NFC has a great rear primary sensor and an ultrawide. However, the macro and depth are just for the sake of it. Things get worst with the POCO X3 Pro. There is a watered-down 48MP primary. POCO can save up some money by using POCO X3’s primary and ultra-wide on POCO X4 Pro. However, the 2MP sh*tty macro sensor should be replaced by a more worthy 5MP sensor we found on Note 10 Pro. And I highly doubt they would replace the depth sensor. But hey POCO, if you are listening, a telephoto lens would be appreciated!

Please reduce the weight, we aren’t training for bodybuilding

At 215g, POCO X3 is heavy. Holding this phone is enough of a hand workout, not kidding. Although, I am used to it now. When I hold another phone, it seems like I’m holding nothing. This heavyweight is not a big issue for me, but on behalf of others, POCO please make the X4 Pro lighter.

Bring back the POCO UI, tired of this sh*t

After using the memeUI on POCO X3 NFC for a couple of months, I got fed up. I installed a custom ROM and life has never been easier. POCO, please replace the garbage MIUI with something more simple. Get some inspiration from Realme UI, I don’t care. Just do it!

AMOLED display would be nice… or not

As much as I am jealous of my fellow Redmi Note 10 Pro users, I am grateful for not having the screen flickering issues. The POCO X3 NFC comes with an amazing IPS panel. The colors are so great, and brightness is sufficient. However, an AMOLED Panel on POCO X4 Pro would be mind-blowing. This is a change I want, but I can live without it. The messages you guys sent me about the Note 10 Pro display issues made me settle for IPS panel.

POCO X4 Pro: Final conclusion

We are far away from the launch of POCO X4 Pro. If things go like before, we would see a vanilla POCO X4 later this year followed by a Pro version next year. Anyway, POCO you are welcome to read this list and give us a better product. If you want to stay updated with any news or leak regarding POCO X4 Pro, then don’t forget to turn on the notifications and join our telegram channel for more sauce.

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