This is Vivo smartphone with detachable flying camera

Are you getting bored of the same old smartphones? Well, it seems like Vivo is going to spice up their smartphone lineup with a futuristic approach. A new patent from Vivo suggests the company could be working on a smartphone with a flying camera. Yes, you heard it right. A smartphone having a drone!This is Vivo smartphone with detachable flying camera

The smartphone itself looks pretty normal. However, from the top of the device, there is a popup huge camera module. This is not just a popup but a detachable camera module. Just like a drone, its detachable flying camera pops up from the bottom. The cool thing here is that this camera module is very small and it fits inside the device. You may use it as a normal camera or make it fly like a drone.

There are a total of four propellers that enables the module to fly. There is also a battery so that the camera has enough juice to capture while it’s outside the smartphone. There are two camera sensors on the drone. To make it more advanced, Vivo has paired it with infrared sensors so that the flying camera can keep away from bumping into other objects when flying.

This is Vivo smartphone with detachable flying camera

It will also be capable of following the user and might support air gestures. It is a similar approach to that of Air Pix. It is also a flying camera however the interesting thing with Vivo’s model is that will be much smaller so that it can fit inside a smartphone. For now, it’s just a patent. But it gives us an idea of what we might see in the future.

Vivo detachable selfie camera concept phone

This is Vivo smartphone with detachable flying camera

Last year, Vivo showcased its detachable selfie camera concept phone. It wasn’t a flying camera but you could detach the camera unit from the main phone body and use it remotely. The new patent takes it to the next level. It could a revised version of this concept phone and we may see it in the future.

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