Samsung working on new 200MP & 600MP Sensors for Smartphones

Recently Samsung has been killing the camera game in the smartphone market but it’s getting tough competition from Sony. So the company is reportedly working on new camera sensors like a Samsung 200MP Sensor.

Samsung trying to compete with Sony?

Samsung has been increasing its focus on its camera by raising investment into the manufacturing unit. The company is planning on launching new image sensors as well, which would enable it to better compete with Sony. According to multiple reports, the company is investing heavily in the ISOCELL manufacturing department and is planning to tremendously improve the quality and result of the sensors.

Samsung 200MP sensor

If you didn’t know Samsung and Sony are the two big companies leading the camera market but Sony is still in lead. Sony even shares 29% market share in this part of the market, but Samsung isn’t giving up as they really have raised their market share & value quite a bit in the past few years.

Samsung 200MP Sensor & 600MP Sensor

Furthermore, Samsung is also planning to launch new, bigger and powerful sensors. This includes a new 50MP ISOCELL sensor for the regular market, and then the huge numbers pop up like the 200MP sensor. This new sensor will support 16 in 1 pixel binning technology along with 8K HDR video recording. Leaks also did claim that Xiaomi was also working on a 192MP sensor for its future cameras but that still remains unconfirmed. Coming back to Samsung, the company hinted at working on a huge 600MP sensor that would be announced in the near future, however, leaks suggest that the 600MP sensor will be for other projects like smart cars and cameras rather than smartphones.

The Korean giant says that they will not only bump up the numbers but also make the sensors physically larger. The next few years will be a revolution in the smartphone camera industry.

Samsung 200MP sensor

We believe that even right now smartphone cameras are really great and we all know that the quality is only gonna get better. At this rate, these phones will even end the use of cameras. So, what do you guys think of this? Do you think smartphone photography is the future of photography? Do you think that smartphones will leave no use for cameras? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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