“Blue Screen Of Death” becomes “Black Screen Of Death” in Windows 11 Insider Preview

Microsoft recently released Windows 11 Insider Preview, Build 22000.51 for the Dev Development Channel. In this preview, we saw many new features of Windows 11 together with new redesign and icons. However, these are not all features but some of them. One of the noticeable things in this preview is that the most popular Windows Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) is now Black Screen Of Death.

"Blue Screen Of Death" becomes "Black Screen Of Death" in Windows 11 Insider Preview

Whenever Windows used to crash, we were presented with a blue screen. It is a very popular ‘feature’ of the Microsoft Windows OS. However, on the new Windows 11 Preview, the blue screen has changed its color to black. Other than that, the error and wording remain the same. Netizens are wondering if the popular blue screen will change to black on the final build or not.

Will “Blue Screen Of Death” Be Black Now?

"Blue Screen Of Death" becomes "Black Screen Of Death" in Windows 11 Insider Preview

Well, there is a huge chance the black screen of death is limited to Preview Build. A similar type of case happened during Windows 10 Insider Preview. In that preview, there was a green screen of death as opposed to blue. According to Microsoft, this was done to make it easier to distinguish between preview and final stable errors. Hence, don’t worry you might still see the blue screen of death on Windows 11 stable.

Windows 11 Preview Build – Should you upgrade?

If you are in our Telegram channel, I posted yesterday that I’m updating from unofficial leaked Windows 11 OS to the Preview Build. The Preview Build is so far stable. It also has a new feature that was not present on the leaked build. For example, now you can directly change brightness or turn on night mode from quick settings. And also the lock screen is changed. So far, I’m enjoying this Preview Build and I can easily recommend you this build if you want to try out Windows 11 earlier than other users.

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