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This will break your iPhone’s wifi: Do not connect to this


This newly discovered bug can disable your iPhone’s wifi. This bug has surrounded the internet and it completely disables your iPhone’s wifi. Here is what it’s all about.

iPhone’s wifi bug

A new iPhone bug has come to light that breaks your iPhone’s wifi functionality by merely connecting to a WiFi hotspot with a specific name. Once triggered, the bug would render your iPhone unable to establish a WiFi connection, even if it is rebooted or the WiFi hotspot is renamed.

This week, Twitter user Carl Schou ran into an issue when connecting to his personal WiFi hotspot named: “%p%s%s%s%s%n”. On connecting to the hotspot, his iPhone’s WiFi would be disabled, and every time he tried to enable it again, it would quickly turn off, even if he restarted the device or the hotspot name was changed. He was not able to connect to any other network as the wifi would refuse to turn on.

Explanation of the Bug

In C and C-style languages, string format specifiers have a special meaning and are parsed by the language compiler as a variable name or a command instead of standard text. Android phones don’t seem to be affected by the same network, but iPhones hit by the problem need to have their network settings reset before a Wi-Fi hotspot can be connected again. The specific string name was carried out as an experiment and it proved.

How to fix it

If you tried to experiment with this & now can’t access your wifi, here is how to fix it.

You will need to reset your network settings, To perform the reset, open the Settings app, tap General -> Reset, then tap Reset Network Settings and confirm the request at the prompt.

Final Verdict

This is a huge bug. Considering the number of iPhones & wifi network’s it is really dangerous as many people can just rename their SSID just to attack/troll other iPhone users. I think that Apple will soon release a patch to fix this problem. So, what do you guys think of this bug? have you seen anyone get attacked by it? Or have you tried to experiment with this? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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