Samsung joins MTA service started by Xiaomi, Vivo & Oppo

A few months back, Chinese smartphone giants created a cross-platform wireless file transfer program. The Mutual Transfer Alliance (MTA) was created to make an AirDrop type of service for android phones, and now Samsung has sailed the boat. Samsung joins MTA service

Mutual Transfer Alliance (MTA)

Xiaomi announced the Mutual Transfer Alliance group, where it was joined by Oppo and Vivo to create an AirDrop-like service for file transfer. The platform is currently in open beta and will allow devices from different manufacturers to exchange photos and documents with a simple swipe or click.

Samsung joins MTA

According to the company, the exchange of files wouldn’t use a lot of battery nor would it use 4G data or a third-party app, as it is based on Bluetooth. Speeds would reach up to 20 MB/s, so a standard 720p movie would be transferred between phones in under two minutes.

Samsung joins MTA

Samsung joining the service is a big deal, as they are easily one of the biggest Android smartphone manufacturers on the market. But, Samsung isn’t the only one. Other major Android phone brands like OnePlus, Meizu, ZTE, Black Shark, HiSense and Asus and its gaming brand Republic of Gamers. It is safe to say that the major competitors are here. Once this service starts it will surely give AirDrop a competition.

Samsung joins MTA

This doesn’t mean that Quick Share is going away. It is more likely that Galaxy devices will be updated to also support the MTA system. The company has not announced when it might roll out such an update.

Thoughts & Predictions

If MTA works out correctly, it has the potential to be huge! Most Android users already use third-party applications to transfer files and will definitely use the built-in feature. I think if everything goes according to plan this will be the only service to give AirDrop a tough time as rumours suggest it might work on windows as well.

So, what do you think of MTA, to Samsung joining MTA? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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